Harvey Leaks

CIA 'Looking Glass' program can hack your soul, HarveyLeaks says

You think you are safe? Even your thoughts and your soul can be hacked.

Acording to a new leak by HarveyLeaks, The CIA have developed a program to look into your soul!

The CIA, In conjunction with Interpol have been using your own minds to spy on you, Says our corespondant. This information was leaked on Wednesday by our very own correspondant. "I was in there" our source told us "It was terrifing, So many Wires!!!".

We were speaking to our technology correspondant, Harvey Brezina Conniffe. "This is a very real risk." He says, "It is truely terrifing, People have to take action.".

Julian Assange( The Wikileaks Guy ), He totaly endorses us.

But thats not all, It was also leaked that the CIA are using cell towers to looking into our minds and even change our memorys. "Terrifing." Harvey Brezina Conniffe said. All hope is not lost however. You can take preventitive mesures to protect yourself, As outlined by this handy site. http://montalk.net/conspiracy/55/how-to-block-microwave-mind-programming-signals.

Another hacker guy who trusts us.

We tried to get a quote from Marcus Small, A higher up in the CIA. However, He was very reluctant. The best we got out of him was: "Oh, Its just you again. I told you already, Get the f**k off my lawn.". Very suspicious we think.